Deutsche Post - Post 4U

Browser Plugin - Jung von Matt/365

Writing is what keeps generations in touch. Made-up words such as “lol” prove we’ve become masters of shortening and improving our chat slang, which seem more like hieroglyphs than words to our elders. Introducing Post4U, a browser plug-in for E-Post. The plug-in help generations lost in translation as it converts abbreviations such as “omg” into their original meaning – and the other way around.

When translated, you can both send it directly via E-Post or copy and paste it to any other media. So if grandpa doesn’t want to bore his grandkids with long anecdotes or kids want to write grandpa a text in slang free language, all it takes is one click in the Post4U plug-in.  


CLIENT: Deutsche Post
IDEA & CONCEPT: Dominik Straka, Thomas Fife

Full credits on request