About Me

I'm Dominik Straka. Born 1985 in Munich where i also graduated in 2009 as an communication designer with an emphasis on advertising thinking. Mainly driven by the urge to tell a story and working with amazing people on highest level while having fun is whats keeps me going.

During the past years while working in Shanghai, Prague and Hamburg i spent time with clients as Mercedes-Benz, IKEA and Edeka. I love to produce and execute ideas no matter if for CRM toolboxes, digital projects or classical advertising. Every product brings a totally new target group which wants to be entertained.

Working close together with copywriters, photographers, developers and consulting to produce better and faster. A detailed eye for light/shadows, colors and perspectives is an indispensable ingredient. And of course „fun“. One massive indicator to produce great things.

What I offer

+ Art Direction
+ Story Development
+ Editorial Design
+ Corporate Design
+ iOS App Development
+ UI Design
+ Web Design
+ Ideas